Karate-Do Federation
The K.D.F. Karate-Do Federation nurtures all aspects of karate for all ages and both sexes.

It was formed by :-



After their many years of karate training & teaching and after working closely together within the K.D.I. they wanted to encourage students to reach there full potential under the very best teachers whether in traditional form or for the competition arena.

Affiliation to the K.D.F. can be achieved through contacting Sensei Tony Gray or any of the above Sensei via email or phoning 07525 498 869

Karate-Do represents the evolution of Karate from its Okinawan roots as Karate-Jutsu to what is sometimes referred to as Japanese Karate.

Through traditional Karate, Karate-Do encompasses competition as a valuable aid to the development, and this has particular appeal to young people.

We encourage all our members to develop their potential under the best teachers at club, local, national and international level.

We promote a comprehensive safety policy and child protection policy and we have an Association Insurance Policy in place.


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