Uechi-Ryus Terry Daley 6th Dan seminar Report

Shihan Terry Daley 6th Dan many times British \ English Champion ex British International coach to 9 x World Champion Wayne Otto O.B.E. taught a course for the Karate Do Federation

organised by Sensei Tony Gray 5th Dan

on Sunday 16th August 2009


Terry Daley 6th Dan Seminar report edit

Karate-Do Federation held a special 2 hour seminar with Uechi-Ryus Shihan Terry Daley 6th Dan on Sunday August 16th at the Parkside Community Centre Goodmayes lane, Ilford 10am to 12pm

with 28 students from many different groups attending it was a very good turnout for a holiday period Sensei Terry commented on the many different faces present and after a introduction From Sensei Tony Gray we were all taken through a warm up then a good stretch which prepared us for the session ahead, Sensei Terry started on slow hand & Leg techneques numbering each one after repeating these slowly he then brought up the tempo and was calling the numbers out to match the techneques which was easy at a slow pace but then at full speed it became very difficult, eveyone by now was having a good sweat and after a short drink  we all paired up and started working on reaction work, As one side came in the other side hit them with a well timed gaku tsuki Terry sensei had us all working to a clock so we worked both sides equally, Many of the students present are taking part in the upcomming British Karate Championships in Scotland in september so this was a perfect session for that after a short break we started to work the whole drill on a different partner to the clock again 2 mins each side this proved to be very tiring and concluded the 2 hour session

personally i would like to thank my good friend Sensei Terry Daley for his time, instruction, and generosity in donating all the course fees on the day to the southern Karate-Do Federation squad for the forthcomming British Championships which will help us a great deal.

Sensei Terry has offered to do another course in the future and I will be booking this ASAP for some traditional Uechi Ryu training on the next one also i would like to thank all the students & Instructors Parents that gave up there Sunday morning to train and support this course....


pictures coming soon  Tony Gray 5th Dan


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