Greg Francis 5th Dan seminar report
Greg Francis Seminar 2009 ::  Group Photo

 Sensei Greg Francis 5th Dan assistant National Coach taught a 2 hour seminar for Karate-Do Federation.

The seminar was attended by EKF members with students from :

  • Ishinryu
  • Uechi ryu
  • TKO (new K.D.F. members )
  • Toyakwai
  • Shininkai
  • and more


The session started at 9.30 am and finished at 11.30am and with enough mats for all to train on the session began with Sensei Greg going through a full body warm up followed by a stretch to prepare us for the training session ahead.

Basics was the start of the session with hand combinations in basic form, the combinations were excellent which had everyone having to not just move and punch but also think about the combination, finishing with a step back and block then a double to the face
The same techniques were then put together in fighting combinations again, this time with full speed, which proved to test everyone's memory, as at full speed you can at times forget the whole thing.
Sensei Greg was adamant about the driving force available by using the quads and all the leg muscles to generate the maximum power throughout the combination to show that not just to score a point is always the goal but being able to hit the attacker hard so as to deter further attacks which requires good strong basic form along with speed timing etc.

The session ended with Sensei Tony Gray presenting Sensei Greg with a printed 'T' shirt & trophy for his time and excellent Instruction.



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