K.D.F. Welcomes Sensei Tyrone Whyte 6th Dan

Sensei Tyrone Whyte 6th Dan has joined KARATE-DO FEDERATION

on behalf of the K.D.F. we welcome him and his group T.K.O. and look  forward to a long and rewarding relationship

for many years to come.

Sensei Steve Scott 6th Dan , Sensei Tony Gray 5th Dan

Sensei Tyrone Whyte 6th Dan PROFILE

 Chief Instructor to Tournament Karate-Do

Tyrone Whyte started Karate in 1970 under the tuition of Hanshi Steve Arneal 8th Dan the style was Kyokushinkai the dojo was in stratford East London there were many famous karate-ka there like Brian Fitkin, Ticky Donovan, etc  Sensei Whyte won his 1st tournament the southern area Kyokushinkai championships, there were splits after the Instructor left the area so Sensei Whyte stopped Karate for a brief spell later returning at the Dagenham dojo under Sensei Ticky Donovan, Sensei Whyte became a founder member of the Ishinryu style of Karate and represented the English and British Team winning the British Championships when it was 1 weight catagory. He has since competed alongside and against  Billy Higgins, Eugene Codrington, Bob Pointon , Mick Ragg, Vic Charles Vann Johnson , Jeoff Thompson etc  also a Dutch, German, & Paris open Champion, European club Team champion  He then won a Gold and Bronze medals at the European Championships 1976-78 and World Team medallist in Japan and Italy.
Attained 3 fighter of the day trophies at international matches the last being in the 90’s in Italy. The second at the Paris open when is drop sweep and Kakato brought the house down.
  * See combat coverage of event.
 Sensei whyte was considered to be one of our most telented fighters in this period and formed his own organisation in 1987 T.K.O. which was very sucessfull in the 1990s The Southern Regional Sguad was the most successful region, coached by Tyrone Whyte , Molly Samuels Laport  ,& Paul Simmonds.

He joined Karate-Do Federation in 2009 and teaches in East London on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays and can be contacted by email.

on 0208 522 11 33


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