K.D.F Karate weekend course report 2009


The KDF Open weekend course on 13th 14th June 2009 was held in Clacton-on-sea and the Warwick Arms Family pub run by Kevin & Tracey Oriordan our base for the Instuctors and some students. 

With support from Sensei Steve Scott 6th Dan and some of his senior grades made the course even better than previous courses Saturday 9am was the 1st training session in the church hall only a stones throw from the Warwick Arms making the venue ideal for the weekends training. Sensei Tony Gray 5th Dan took the students through a warm up and followed on to some line work with punching and thigh kicks and then moving onto pair work. The emphasis was on good technique and use of hips to generate maximum power.

Sensei Tony also asked Sensei Dave Aram to demonstrate several techniques. He showed some defence and take down techniques which went down well. Sensei Tony then went onto Kata as many of the students present were grading later that day and wanted as much practice as possible. A Kata free practice period ended the 1st session. Sensei Steve Scott and students had just arrived from a 5 hour journey and we all met at the bar for a drink before the next session.

At 12pm England International Sensei Davin Pack 4th Dan was introduced to the class by Sensei Tony. With the mats in place Sensei Davin took the class through a warm up and stretch. We were then all treated to a master class in competition Karate techniques and strategies from 1 of England’s current stars. After several drills and excellent explanations from Sensei Davin he then went onto spar with as many students as he could and made us all realise why he is so successful, with his excellent timing and speed. After a few group photographs the session ended, 2 hours had flown by everyone was rather tired.

At 2.30pm the second part of the Grading was held. Many had already having passed their syllabus test in their Dojo’s. Zach Scott and  Carl Massey did pad work, drills, ground work and many different self defence techniques using a partner, this took around 40 mins. They were then  joined by Dave Aram , Lee Rose , David Gbouable, Emanuelle Gbouable, Andy Rich, Phillip Rich, Robert & Leigh Sanders, Tom Rose, Lee Kyson, Rebecca Gbouabl. They were all asked to demonstrate different Kata’s to attain their next grade they all worked through 6 to 7 kata’s each. Then they were all asked to pair up and freefight  Lee Rose had to spar with several opponents at once and was on the receiving end of a few well timed kicks and punches. After 30mins or so of freefighting they were all asked to complete a fitness test  50 push ups, 50 situps, 50 star jumps and 50 burpees both the examiners Sensei Steve Scott and Tony Gray also completed the test with the students this completed the 2 hour Grading.

After bowing out of the class all the students received the good news that they had all passed their grading.

Saturday evening was a real family affair with the Instructors, students and many family members gathering in the bar for drinks and food plus reflecting on the days training and grading which had been very draining for those that did all 3 sessions.

After the presentations by Sensei’s Tony & Steve for the days sucessful students Karaoke was the order of the rest of the evening along with for many a celebration drinking session.

Several Students and Instructors did their best to ruin the evening with their singing. But all were well received and the evening went off with much laughter.

Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny so the Instructors decided that today was to be our beach training session. Just a few minutes away Martello beach was empty and ideal for the next couple of hours. Sensei Tony did some punching and blocking techniques until Sensei Steve & Luke Scott arrived to take over with some very interesting drills using elbows and hook punches in pairs. After about an hour Sensei Tony then led the students into the sea for the next stage of the session some being rather hesitant at first but soon everyone except Francis Gill of Shinin kai was in the sea in pairs. Sensei Tony got everyone going with mae geri to the body slowly getting everyone wet.  Then  jodan mae geri which drowned everyone even the more as they were all flicking the sea water onto there partners face.  Sensei Tony then went onto Takedowns which he demonstrated on Sensei Lee Rose 3rd Dan several times to make sure everyone had seen it. Lee now being totally drowned but laughing. Everyone started working on their takedowns and after a few minutes everyone was soaked through and laughing. The sun was shining and being a very hot day it was a good way to cool down. Sensei Tony then started a few games with piggy back fights, there was plenty more laughs as Dan grade means nothing when your on someones back being pulled all over the place. After bowing out on the beach we finished the session with much applause from all. 

The final session was at 12pm with Shihan Malcolm Holmes an 8th Dan in Ju jitsu so we went back to our rooms for a shower and a drink as we had only 45mins to prepare for this.

After we  put the mats out ready for the session Sensei Tony introduced Shihan Malcolm Holmes to the group. Malcolm and his Uke Brian went through some excellent arm wrist locks with devastating effect adding throws and pain into the equation, 2 hours flew by and the training session was one of the course highlights for many of the students present.

After bowing out and thanking all the Instructors for a great weekends Martial arts training we then went back to the Warwick Arms for a wonderful Sunday roast cooked by Tracey and her staff. What can I say, this was the best course we have had in the last 5 years the atmosphere, the martial arts, the sun, sea, and alcohol, was a absolute treat. I would like to thank Tracey and Kevin Oriordan and all her staff at the Warwick Arms Pub for their continued help and support to make this the best course possible, roll on 2010  

Shihan Malcolm Holmes 8th Dan & co has agreed to teach again next year which will again be another attraction for 2010s course.

More details pictures to follow

Students that passed their Grading

Dave Aram 4th Dan, Carl Massey 4th Dan, Lee Rose 3rd Dan Leigh Sanders 2nd Dan ,Robert Sanders 2nd Dan, Zach Scott Cadet 2nd Dan, Andrew Rich 1st Dan, Phillip Rich 1st Dan, Tom Rose Brown Belt, Lee Kyson Orange Belt, David ,Emanuele, & Rebecca Gbouable 1st Yellows & 1st Red Belt .

Course Instructors

Tony Gray  5th Dan , Steve Scott 6th Dan

Shihan Malcolm Holmes 8th Dan,  Davin Pack 4th Dan

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