Sensei Steve Scott 6th Dan

Steve Scott 6th Dan (chief NWKA instructor)




  • NWKA chief instructor
  • NWKA Squad Manager
  • 6th Dan
  • 34 years experience
  • Co-founder member of the Karate Do Federation
  • Full time professional instructor
  • Coach students for World and European Level representation
  • Police Checked (criminal records bureau)
  • English Karate Governing Body coaching cert


  • EKGB Northern Region Team Kata Coach For European Teams 2005
  • EKGB Team Kata Coach For Commonwealth Silver Medallist 2005
  • Former member of EKGB national all styles squad
  • Former member of EKB national all styles squad
  • Member of Great Britain team World Championships Malaysia 1994
  • Member of English team European Championships Belgrade 1998


  • Warrington Sports Personality Of The Year Team Award, Coach Member 2005
  • Sport England Active Communities Accreditation Scheme completed in association with St Helens Sports council
  • Sports Leader Award BST level 1, National accreditation number
  • Sport England, Running Sport
  • Equity in your coaching
  • Teaching the disabled ( Practical )
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Community TOPs Training Course
  • Sports coach UK good practice and child protection
  • First Aid
  • Qualified Association Kata Judge 1986
  • Qualified Association Kumite Referee 1987

Why I started Karate

I was fourteen years old when I was sneaked into see Bruce Lee's 'Enter The Dragon' which was classified eighteen and over at that time. I was fascinated with the Martial Arts movies, which hit the screens in the early seventies. I wanted to learn at the local club but could not because in the early 70s adults were filling the clubs and kids classes were not around.

When I turned sixteen I joined a local club with my two mates. We were the only beginners and the club was full of black and brown belts. No one took us to one side to ease us into the class. We were thrown in the deep end and tried desperately to keep up with the class. This would have put most people off but it just made me more determined. I would go home and practice everything i could remember. Sometimes I practiced until the early hours of the morning, for fear I would wake up and have forgotten everything.

Why I continue to do Karate

My first instructor was Sensei Peter Constadine. He was amazing; his lightening fast round house would make the curtains on the windows move with the sheer breeze of his kick. Later the club was passed on to Sensei Brian Helsby, the timing of his sweeps were second to none. These were my heroes and inspiration. I sweat my heart and soul into my training, their approval was everything.

Karate was to be my inspiration and my motivation. It was to be tested as I lost my parents in my teens. I truly believe Karatewas my strength. I joined Karate for the kicking and punching etc but without knowing it was teaching me far more. It was shaping me, it taught me resilience, which is still today my main aim in my teaching.

Why I teach Karate

I have produced so many good Karate students. I take pride in their physical achievements. When I see the character of the student feeling what I have felt from Karate that is the greatest reward as an instructor.

Why I will always do Karate

I heard a quotation I think said by the great Jack Dempsey. When a reporter asked " what makes a fighter a champion " he replied " a champion is a fighter who when knocked down, gets back up even when he can't ". That to me epitomizes the meaning of resilience not just as a fighter, but also as a way of life.

Sometimes “ can't ” is the answer we give ourselves.

Steve Scott
Student of Karate

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